Timeline for Pages

The Timeline View for Infinity AutoWe all know that Facebook‘s Timeline for pages was no April Fools joke. On March 30th, 2012 Facebook made the mandatory switch for all Facebook Pages from the standard layout to the new Timeline. Along with the launch came a myriad of hopes and dreams and a few dashed strategies. Gone are the days of landing pages and 100+ page tabs. The new Timeline is streamlined and story focused.

Timeline Elements Sizes
Cover Photo: 851×315 px
Profile Image: 180×180 px
Page Apps (Tabs) Image: 111×74 px
Highlights: 851×315
Page Tabs: 810 px wide

Pro’s & Cons’

Timeline Pros:

  • Totally redesigned interface
  • New Admin Panel to better manage your interactions
  • Better layout for the top 1/3 of the page with large panoramic cover photo, standout profile image and larger Application Buttons
  • Timeline Concept is a great showcase for the long standing corporation
  • New Feature: Pinning a post to the top of the page
  • New Feature: Activity – see how your friends are mentioning the Page
  • New Feature – Messages for Pages
  • Fan Page Tabs now have more room!
Timeline Cons:

  • Lost ability to create Splash Pages and Fan vs. Not Fan Content
  • Lost the ability to hide posts made by users
  • Limit to 12 (Including Facebook default) Visible Applications
  • The New Highlight feature can really cause layout problems by blocking the usual flow of the Timeline
  • Smaller logo icon in the news feed

Where does that leave us? In a pretty good place actually. We can now push content into the past, present and future of our timeline!

GMail, for my business

I have been using Hosting Matters for web hosting before I new how to float a <div> and despite their wonderful service, great pricing, and intuitive user interface, I have never liked their mail clients. Besides the somewhat confusing log-in url, the landing page is downright confusing (for me to explain to clients).

Once you log-in you are brought to an admin page, which you can’t bypass. You can resest your password or set your autoresponder here and most importantly you can access your email. Yes, each time you log-in you have to pick again your mail client.

Each of the mail clients offers something different, Squirrel Mail gives you that 1980′s retro vibe while Horde is channeling Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Roundcube is my favorite of the bunch. Simple clean interface that lets you save your contacts, add folders and send mail. It’s OK, it sends mail well and looks nice while doing it. It is what I recommend to clients, but I have always felt guilty doing so, because I know if they are using the web interface, they are getting the short end of the stick in the email world.

Enter GMail, more specifically Google Apps.

Google Apps lets you use the Gmail interface with YOUR domain. How does it work?

  • Purchase your domain and hosting
  • Sign up for Google Apps (Free or Business)
  • Upload the HTML verification file to your hosting server
  • Change your domain’s MX record

It’s that easy! It gives my clients  the power of Google Apps: Gmail, Docs & Calendar and it bypasses the sub-par standard hosting email. Best of all, for the small client, (1-10 addresses) it’s free! Email syncs with your smartphone, desktop email client like Microsoft Outlook, or just use the Gmail interface.

Where does GMail really shine?

Besides looking better, and providing a better interface, is GMail really all that much better than the standard email client that comes with hosting providers? I’d say yes.

GMail acts as a fully developed email client comparable to a Microsoft Exchange Server. Mail is stored on the GMail server, but synced across all of your devices. Google Docs can be viewed and edited by team members simultaneously and scheduling meetings is easier than ever with the availability feature. Google Apps Business does away with all advertising and gives you the powerful Google App Sync which fully integrates GMail into Microsoft Outlook.

Some of my favorite GMail Gems:

  • Attachment Reminder
    • If your email says you were going to attach something and don’t, GMail will alert you, saving you those embarrassing “where is the attachment” replies.
  • Undo Send
    • Available in the Labs, Undo Send lets you cancel a send within 5, 10 or 30 seconds after pressing send.
  • Drag & Drop Attachments
  • Email + Chat Searching

As a developer and hosting provider for the small business I must say thank you Google – you have really outdone yourself this time!

Last act as webmaster

My last act as Art Director and Webmaster at STYLE Advertising was the redesign and launch of their new website: styleadvertising.com.

We had three main goals with the redesign:

  • New design that reflected the direction the agency is moving in
  • The site needs to provide more information: from services to internship programs
  • Non developers at STYLE need to be able to update the site themselves

I chose WordPress as the CMS platform. It’s easy to learn and update. The Open Source community provides infinite widgets and plugins for any need they might have – and best of all – I know, understand and LOVE WordPress.

What makes up the new STYLE website?

  • Custom theme built off the Toolbox framework
  • Flash on the home page – highlighting STYLE’s core services
  • Expanded Portfolio showing samples for all types of media
  • Content written to improve SEO
  • Plugins for Contact Forms, Columns, Maps and Gallery
  • An easy to use platform to encourage a site that will remain fresh for years to come
STYLE Advertising Website

The NEW STYLE Advertising Website

Throughout the year I have been working at STYLE Advertising I have worked with many websites from start-ups to established established businesses; new sites, temporary sites, redesigns and overhauls–we have handled it all. I have worked as the developer building out the HTML and CSS of websites with other designers providing the code and on the flip side of the coin I have provided other developers my Photoshop files for them to code.

Besides web design I also worked with print advertising and marketing, maintaining running advertising campaigns for Medical Weight Loss Solutions and designing products for Bass Minder.

Building this site was my last official act at STYLE Advertising. I was offered, and accepted, a position at Infinity Auto Insurance doing solely web design. While I will miss working at an agency I am very excited to become a part of the Infinity Brand.

Now, to Infinity, and beyond!

A Very Merry Multimedia Christmas!

This year’s STYLE Advertising holiday message came in the form of an eCard and video starring yours truly and the rest of the STYLE gang.

Happy Holidays from the crew at STYLE Advertising

Have a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Emily L. Hunter | Graphic Design | Web Design | 205.821.9056 | Birmingham, Alabama