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Client Story:¬† An amazing non-profit organization that provides much needed supplies to those affected by the war in Syria. Enter Ironman Backstory: A politically active singer partnered with Karam Foundation; dedicating the sales of his newest album to their cause. The Plot: I received a very concerned email from the owner of a website I […]

The day the Earth Stood Still

Where were you September 10th, 2012? If you are like many of GoDaddy’s customer’s you were sitting at your browser hitting your refresh button over and over again while simultaneously watching the trending #GoDaddyCrashes topic on Twitter. Sometimes being one of the masses can be a liability. Instead of safety in numbers you are one […]

GMail, for my business

I have been using Hosting Matters for web hosting before I new how to float a <div> and despite their wonderful service, great pricing, and intuitive user interface, I have never liked their mail clients. Besides the somewhat confusing log-in url, the landing page is downright confusing (for me to explain to clients). Once you […]

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