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Client Story:¬† An amazing non-profit organization that provides much needed supplies to those affected by the war in Syria. Enter Ironman Backstory: A politically active singer partnered with Karam Foundation; dedicating the sales of his newest album to their cause. The Plot: I received a very concerned email from the owner of a website I […]

Honey I shrunk the web!

The writing is on the wall, you know you need your site to be mobile (and tablet) friendly. All the research points to the fact that more and more consumers are checking you out online and increasingly doing it on their mobile device. Getting an app is probably overkill for the small business person and […]


Mobile phone ownership is quickly outpacing desktop and laptop computer ownership. Trends show that more and more users are getting on the internet with smart phones and other mobile devices instead of the traditional computer. The internet is in the palm of our hand, what are we doing with it? With more adults owning a […]

Size Matters

In the early days of computers when floppy disks were truly floppy I doubt we could have foreseen where computers would take us. We popped in a diskette to load a program, performed the task that the computer was needed for, then, shut the whole thing down.¬† Computers were clunky and slow and could only […]

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