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Hello South Carolina

Goodbye Birmingham, I’m moving to Charleston! This year sees my husband transitioning from medical student to doctor. After 4 years at UASOM, I couldn’t be more proud of him and the work he has done to advance his career. He spent the better part of this past winter interviewing across the south east for anesthesiology […]


Client Story:¬† An amazing non-profit organization that provides much needed supplies to those affected by the war in Syria. Enter Ironman Backstory: A politically active singer partnered with Karam Foundation; dedicating the sales of his newest album to their cause. The Plot: I received a very concerned email from the owner of a website I […]

Defending the Glitch

The launch of the site has shined an interrogation style spotlight on the often over-looked world of Mountain Dew, Corn Chips, and Snicker bars, the world of web development. As a basic PHP developer myself I feel like my brothers at keyboard are being unfairly crucified for mistakes that are sadly industry standard! On […]

Google Cart is Checking Out

Webmasters around the globe, get ready for the scramble, Google Checkout is going the way of the dinosaur! That once simple, easy to integrate ecommerce solution is no more. As of November 20th, 2013 if you are using Google Checkout, you had better change to something else. Google Checkout was introduced in 2006 as a […]

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