Emily Hunter, Graphic Designer

Chapter 1: In the beginning…

Emily Hunter - Child Rock Star

Emily Hunter – Child Rock Star

My name is Emily Stooksberry. Born Emily Lee Hunter, raised in Birmingham, Alabama by not one but two accountant parents. To this day, they still don’t know where their “creative” child came from.

I grew up in the small town of Alabaster, where instead of Alabama red mud, your car ends up covered in Lime Stone from the nearby quarries.  The local high school was like any other school in the deep south, the students lived for football season, and the opportunity to smash rival teams to bits. Thankfully, there was also an art department Рwith not one but two teachers, the art honor society (I was the secretary), a kiln, two studios, and best of all Рfield trips. I loved art class. Painting with oils, drawing with charcoal, pottery, sculpture, and all the other messy mediums.

Chapter 2: Enter the Designer

Once I graduated I tasked myself with proving to my father that not all artists are starving. Enter “Graphic Design.” I applied for the BFA program at UAB and excelled. I had a wonderful internship with a small ad agency and another at a video and post-production studio. I worked on staff with the UAB Recreation Center and built¬† a brand new website to match the spectacular building.

Nearly 10 years after graduation, and 444 miles from home I’ve gone from being a fresh faced graphic designer to the leading the design and development charge for a national insurance company. Since leaving college I’ve taught myself what CSS really is and how to build a dynamic website with PHP. I also found, and fell in love with WordPress.


Emily means industrious, and the last name Hunter takes the motto “Finish the Race.” Pair that with being a Capricorn (loyal & hardworking) and you have someone who doesn’t know what it means to be idle.

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